DarkSide Emporium has all orders shipped directly from manufacturers to customers. This allows us to cut out the middle-man/woman, keeping our prices down and allowing us to pass on savings to our customers.


Free Delivery:

Unless otherwise stated in product description, delivery is free on all products listed on


Delivery Timeframe:

Due to Covid-19 causing a significant reduction in international flights, customers should be prepared to wait up to 7 weeks for delivery of some (not all) orders.

We cannot arrange express shipping, nor can we provide an ETA for orders, as all orders are shipped direct from manufactures, using the cheapest delivery service of the manufacturers choosing.

If you are not prepared to wait for this length of time, or accept these terms, please do not place an order, as once an order is placed, and item shipped , we cannot cancel the order.



Unless otherwise stated in item description, delivery is free and tracking will not be provided. As previously advised, couriers are chosen by manufacturers ; who ship directly to you, based on which courier offers the lowest price to your destination country, at that particular point in time.



Please be sure to provide correct address. If an incorrect address is supplied, bares no responsibility for delivery. It will be the customer’s responsibility to acquire any package delivered to an incorrect address as the result of an error made by the customer.

Taxes & Duties:

Taxes and Duties are the sole responsibility of the customer. Dark Side Emporium does not calculate, collect, or pay, taxes on behalf of the customer or any other 3rd party.